Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions We Recommend If You Plan To Download Files Really Fast!

The Google Chrome browser is ranked as one of the most powerful browsers ever used today for several reasons, the first of which is its ease and simplicity of use in addition to the protection and security that it offers. characterize, and it has achieved this great popularity thanks to its many services. The “free add-ons” available in the “chrome” market, and according to everyone’s testimony, these add-ons are among the best features available on the browser and their role is to provide functions that often require to access.

With add-ons, you will take your browser use to another level of professionalism and speed, and shorten many tasks to be completed in a shorter time frame.

In summary, it can be said that Google Chrome extensions are small programs used to allocate Google browser as Chrome browser.

The needs of the users and the great need that you may be looking for during this particular period may be to download files at a speed that suits your internet speed, and if you have been using the browser for a while you may know. -being the original download manager for Chrome has not been updated for some time and lacks many important features besides slow download speed and no option to schedule downloads, all of those great features you can get from these five great add-ons for your Chrome browser and I recommend you to rely on it from now on Download your personal files in the browser.

Download All : Here

This extension is one of the best add-ons we recommend for managing your downloads on the browser, and one of its advantages is that it supports downloading almost all types of files from the internet.

In addition to the speed of downloading files and dividing them based on your internet traffic, the tool is easy to use with its simple interface and advanced options.

Online download manager : With the tool, you can manage your downloads and save videos, images and audios from any supported site,

One of the most important features of the tool is the powerful option which allows you to download your favorite videos from any webpage you can think of.

FDM : A little known add-on, but its high capacities deserve to be included in this list, one of its great functions is to speed up the downloading process and the quality of security that characterizes it, the add-on improves your file download experience and help you organize them in a very easy way.

In addition, the add-on benefits from a download manager with a very elegant interface, and is completely ad-free.

Turbo Download Manager : As long as we talk about explaining the excellent download manager extensions, this tool with the highest rating should be included in the official Chrome Web Store.

The tool allows you to download files at extraordinary speed even when your internet connection is very slow, the reason is that it contains a download manager which takes care of splitting files before you start downloading them from a way that matches your internet speed.

Flash Video Downloader : With the tool, you can download videos available from 99% of the websites you browse at high speed, the tool is very light and does not consume much RAM, and it is used by over a million users and it’s completely free.

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