New information on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 phone

Samsung’s new flagship phone for next year, the Galaxy S21, continues to garner a lot of interest among followers, both in its features and technical specifications or also when it is revealed and officially launched on the market, and Galaxy S21 news continues until this time.

And in the last few days, a lot of information has emerged about the new Galaxy S21 phone from specialist journalist Roland Quandt on the Winfuture site, indicating that the South Korean company Samsung has already started the production process of the Galaxy S21 flagship phones for the ‘next year, but despite that, Roland Quandt says it’s still unclear if this relates to the final production process of these phones or if it is just about producing prototype samples.

While the famous blogger and runaway Jon Prosser indicated in a post on his account on the social networking site that Samsung will unveil three models of its new phone, which are the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21 + then the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and that the announcement will be on January 14, 2021 and It is the same as the pre-order date of the phone, then it will be available in the market on January 29, 2021, and it will be available in six colors: black, white, gray, silver, purple and pink.

As for the new news released by the international news agency Reuters, it indicates that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 earlier than the previously mentioned date, with the aim of exploiting the current situation of its Chinese rival Huawei, which suffers from the sanctions. Americans, which should become more stringent. In 2021.

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