Microsoft is preparing to launch the feature to run Android apps on Windows 10

It seems that Microsoft has well realized the importance of bonding with Android and Android users on its Windows 10 operating system, and this is confirmed by the latest informed reports which indicate that Microsoft wants to create a association so that the users of the system 10 can access their favorite applications on the Android mobile system.

And Windows Central, specializing in Microsoft news, said the latter is working on the development of an information solution allowing Windows 10 users to download and use the most popular Android applications directly on their personal computers. without needing to use a smartphone, according to the journalist behind it. The news, which is well-known and credible journalist Zac Bowden, is that Microsoft will include Android apps in its Microsoft Store.

Despite this good news for many, the details of the work of Android applications on Microsoft Windows 10 are still not fully known, but early news indicates that Microsoft has not yet reached an advanced stage in the development of this new one. mechanism, and that the matter is still ongoing. Intent stage, but expectations indicate that this solution will be ready for users by 2021.

And in the event that this idea is realized as required, Microsoft will achieve additional successes for its Windows 10 operating system, relying on Android users.

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