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5 Effective Link Building Strategies

Every SEO and online marketer knows you have to build links in order to win at the search ranking game. The problem seems to always be how to go about effectively building links. Some have given up and purchase links while others seek out shady or black-hat techniques to increase their back-link count. Obviously purchasing links and black-hat techniques are risky and can get a site penalized and even banned. Well fear not, here are 5 effective link building strategies that don’t involve purchasing links or black-hat techniques.

Build Relationships – Building relationships with other site owners in relevant fields can get you links back to your site. The idea here is to reach out to fellow site owners and befriend them. Don’t build a relationship with them to just get a link. Do the real thing. Sure some relationships won’t turn into a link but I’m sure it will help your site and brand in the end regardless.Guest Blogging – Gust posting on relevant blogs is a great way to secure links with the anchor text you need. Simply find blogs relevant to your site’s topic and see if you can write a guest post for them. Some blogs might turn you down but I’m sure you’ll come across a few that are willing. You can also find blogs looking for guest authors on sites like Letters – As a website owner and search marketer I’m sure you have seen one or two letters requesting a link exchange and know how annoying they can get. But what I’m suggesting here is little bit different. Instead of just blanketly sending out link exchange letters which end up getting a link on a very low ranking page anyways, I would suggest seeking out relevant sites that actually need to link to a site like yours or would actually benefit them by linking to you. For example on a local Chamber of Commerce site’s blog they were talking about how new road construction would affect traffic going down Main Street. Let’s say your business is on Main Street. You could contact the author and inform them you would like them to add a special note that you and other businesses on Main Street will be open during this construction and if they can link back to your website so that people can be updated with any changes to your business hours and/or how to park at your store during construction.Analyze Competitors – This is a must for any effective link building campaign. It’s vital because you can learn exactly what links where effective in ranking your competitors and then simply duplicate those same or similar links. I can’t say enough about how effective this strategy really is. Think about it, it worked for your competitor or they would not be ranking, so if you follow it it’s probably going to have the same effect for your site.Offer Products For Review – Seek out relevant blog and website owners and ask them if they will review your product in exchange for reviewing ask them to posting their thoughts on their own site with a link back to your site. If your company doesn’t have a services or products that you can easily hand out for free then you could give out free promotional items to blog owners and ask them to write an article about who you are and what you do in exchange for a free branded mouse pad or something.Web Marketers Dreamkit (WMD)The Ultimate “Dream Kit” of WordPress Plugins. 7 Plugins That Will Rock Your WordPress Site – Social Media Popup, Social Media PageLock, iSMS, ExitPopup, SnEaKy Affiliate, IPN Redirect and ListBuilder Popup! Also get (DAP)8-Week WordPress Coaching ProgramThis is a live 8-Week Coaching Program delivered online. It consists of 8 sessions, each approximately 2 hours, and are held to help you create a successful, income producing website using WordPress.Online Marketing Training 2.7Complete Online Marketing Training Program. Step-by-step video tutorials on Keyword Research, Web Design, Article Marketing, Video Marketing. Course has everything you could possibly need to get started online, learn to drive traffic, and get ranked highlGOXBEE Offline Sales Platform For Small BusinessGoxbee is a true commission cash machine. We are more like Click Bank when it comes to paying out commissions. We have the platform that your clients will love and use for years to come!

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